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Man can hardly even recognize the devils of his own creation.

Albert Schweitzer, Philosopher, 1875 – 1965


Since the Genesis of 1970, those who write software face punishment for their sins by attracting poltergeists: demons who haunt the code as anti-patterns ravenous for wasted time and dead neurons. However, If you recognize the ghouls and goblins out in the wild, you’ll be better equipped to hack your way out of the brambles. Or avoid summoning them yourself.

This series of blog posts is a demonology of 8 common React JS Anti-Patterns gathered from large, real-life apps. Because the strategies and techniques shown in the text are concerned with their practical use in the field, and not with the goal of learning fundamentals, it is best for skilled developers sporting a few battle scars. Nevertheless, any view that tells you to pace yourself against your judgment is terrible advice, so if you feel you’re good, then onward.

Moreover, this project is still under construction; thus the words change frequently; a few sections withdrew when I ran out of stamina and caffeine. Also, where did all the rum go? In any case, as always, feel free to send an email if you have any comments or questions.


  1. Rotting Tests
  2. Titan Components
  3. Amorphous Components
  4. Prop Swarms
  5. Flavoured JS
  6. Resentful JS
  7. Homegrown Flux
  8. Redux Overdose